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My mind doesn’t understand what she does but my body feels so much better!
~ Joanne

I have not been able to explain why all of this occurs….including getting postural changes… her combination of training has been especially effective for me.
~ Spencer

Visceral-Neural Manipulation

Our tissues witness everything that happens to us and then they are recorded and stored somewhere in our body.  When we experience trauma, shockwaves of disruption in our tissues lead to symptoms.  If these symptoms interfere with our ability to live our lives to the fullest we seek medical care.  Visceral-Neural Manipulation is a term that represents a group of manual therapies designed to locate and solve these disruptions.

Let’s clear up some terms first.  Viscera refer to the solid and hollow organs.  The term neural represents “nerve”; our nervous system starts in the brain and spinal cord and then travels out to the rest of our body.  The term vascular refers to our blood vessels which travel from the center outward and back again.  Our bodies are collections of these interconnected pathways and networks that are in constant motion and communication with each other.

Trauma (including surgery), infection, repetitive movements, lifestyle, environmental and emotional stressors create highways of tension within the body.  My treatment goal is to pinpoint specific areas of tension and with gentle precision guide them back into right relationship which improves function throughout your whole being.

Jean-Pierre Barral, DO. (UK), MRO (F), PT and Alain Crobier, DO., MRO (F) are the developers of the Visceral-Neural Manipulation Therapies. “Only the tissues know” is a constant reminder of the cellular intelligence that our bodies openly transmit to us.  Working with your body in a precise way provides it with information and feedback in order for the self-correction process to begin.  One of the guiding principles of Visceral-Neural Manipulation is that, “The body hugs the lesion” meaning that your tissues guide me directly to the place that needs help the most!

The same principles apply when working with nerves and blood vessels.  They are both vast communication and supply networks that can be directly affected by trauma themselves.  In turn the tissues that they supply are affected. All the tissues in our bodies are interconnected and differentiated only by form and function. Visceral-Neural Manipulation assists your body to dissipate and disperse residual energy and inflammation while restoring structural integrity and resilience.

You notice a difference as our session progresses often experienced as a sense of relief and release.  Your tissues are saying, “Ahhh”!  This shift becomes even more apparent and more global in the following 36 to 48 hours (2-3 sleep cycles).  The treatment is just the beginning!  To learn more please visit www.barralinstitute.com