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The decision to choose Asha as my doula was an easy one…Asha was there to help encourage me, comfort me and keep my head in a good place.
~ Amanda W.

Peri-Natal Doula Support

Doula care provides a very important support role during the time leading up to birth, during labor and birth and in the immediate post-partum period.  The word “doula” comes from ancient Greek and literally means “a woman who serves”.  

Every woman should have access to Peri-Natal Doula Support if she desires it.  My goal is to support you and your partner/family in defining and realizing your ideal pregnancy, birth and the early feeding experiences with your baby.   My role as a doula provides you with a caring and knowledgeable safety net of informational, emotional and physical support.  In this way, you are empowered in your autonomy as a woman and as a mother.

I have a particular interest in working with women who have experienced abuse at any time in their past.  Pregnancy, birth and breast feeding may trigger prior memories of assault or abuse and may interfere with your enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and/or the first few weeks and months following birth.  These feelings may come as a surprise; recognition is the key!  Timely referrals and skilled treatment, with compassionate professionals during pregnancy, help to integrate mental, emotional and physical experiences (past and present) as well as  the development of effective coping skills.

Doula visits begin during the months leading up to birth.  There are typically two meetings during which you tell me what you anticipate and plan for your birth experience.  When labor begins I join you when you determine that you need my support.   I stay with you during labor and birth of your baby and assist you as needed with the first feeding.  My role as your Doula comes to an end during the post-partum visits that provide the opportunity for us to review your birth experience, to determine that everything is going smoothly and identify any additional resources that you need.  

Women who choose to become Doulas now go through extensive training. It is important to note that the doula is most often not a medical professional, is usually a woman who has had children of her own and is sensitive to the needs of the laboring woman and her birth partner.  The doula is there to support the entire laboring family at whatever level they are comfortable with and have chosen.

Randomized controlled trials involving mothers with and without doula support have demonstrated that the continuous presence of a nurturing woman contribute to:
  • shorter labor times
  • reduced need for pain management
  • a statistically significant reduction in the number of Cesarean section births
  • earlier and more effective maternal-newborn bonding
  • greater ease initiating and maintaining a successful breastfeeding relationship
To learn more please visit Doulas of North America www.dona.org, La Leche League www.lalecheleague.org and Open Arms Perinatal Services www.openarmsps.org.