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Her treatments are always targeted to my needs; physical, emotional and energetic – in the moment.
~ Robin S.


During each visit we take time to discuss and update your health history including medications, supplements and other therapies that you may be receiving. I make every effort to create an environment in which you have the opportunity to feel deeply listened to and understood in a unique way. I stay with you during the entire time that you are in session, constantly evaluating and treating.

I am sensitive as we sit together, to not only what you say to me but also to the ways that you describe yourself and your concerns. I then begin my physical assessment by looking, listening and feeling. I ask to look at your tongue and I palpate your pulses, feeling for the quality of each one as they are an outer expression of your inner landscape.

I do my very best to remain in neutral state of awareness and to not engage in speculation but rather to gather information through my own senses. Your body is my guide. Precision, specificity as well as a detailed knowledge of human anatomy and physiology support me to develop a preliminary conclusion and treatment plan for a particular session.

As treatment begins, I leave my linear brain “at the door” and begin the process of blending techniques that assist your body in engaging its innate healing wisdom and recuperative abilities. The goal is to engage your own healing resources to restore harmonious communication in your tissues. I work with your tissues as opposed to on them. Healing occurs in layers. At the completion of a session your body picks up where we have left off and continues on its healing path between treatments.

Acupuncture techniques unlock areas of global restriction as well as local areas of discomfort. The Manual Therapy(s) release very specific areas in your body. Sound complicated? Not at all! It is likely that this is what we have done naturally since the beginning of time. We place our hands and direct our attention on the part that hurts.

During your treatment, you will be dressed in shorts and a tank top so that I can evaluate you as completely as possible physically and energetically. It is not at all unusual for you to sit, lay on your side, on your back or on your abdomen all in one session! This permits me to treat you more effectively and reassess your progress. At other times you may be in one position during the entire session. I make every effort to ensure your comfort. I make free use of anatomical props and other resources for your enhanced understanding: I recognize that we all learn in different ways.

I often follow up with you after or between visits, as needed, and am available to discuss clinical concerns with you regarding your progress and reactions to your care. This following list of health conditions is a sample of those I regularly treat in my office. I encourage you to contact me to discuss your particular health concerns!