Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a facilitated bridge to your subconscious mind.  The light hypnotic trance can be likened to a meditative state or to that of a waking dream.  In the way that I have chosen to practice you are fully conscious, always in control and able to respond to my questions.  It is very important that the hypnotherapy client and therapist develop a strong sense of trust.  I encourage you to address any issues or concerns that will help us build on this sense of trust and maximize your feeling of comfort and safety as we work together.

Each of us has the innate ability to be in an imaginative state, to be curious and creative.  We actually spend much of day going in and out of daydreams and distractions.  The hypnotic state resembles this; in a therapeutic setting however it is facilitated and witnessed by a trained and trusted “other”.  In this way you leave your sessions with richer information about yourself and with new insights to old problems.  It is important to note that our goal is NOT one of retraumatizing but rather one of reframing and trusting that your subconscious mind will take you to a safe place of new information and integration.

Sessions last approximately g90 minutes.  We spend the initial 5 to 10 minutes prior to each session discussing what has brought you to hypnotherapy, including any changes or shifts you have noticed since our last visit.  You may sit in a chair or lay on a treatment table.  I have blankets, eye covers, water and can provide soft music according to your preferences.  My goal is for you to be comfortable during our work together, although hypnotherapy is NOT a touch therapy, in order to maximize the information you will receive and be able to take forward into your life.

It is important that you are able to state an intention at the outset of each visit.  Your session may take a different path once you begin your journey as we invite your subconscious to come forward and allow information to be presented to you.  All of the information that is necessary for you to meet your goal is revealed during the session.  I make sure at the end of each session that you emerge from your hypnotic state and are ready to go safely to your next destination.

My intention is to actively accompany you and hold space for your personal discovery and enhanced understanding underlying the issue(s) that you have identified at each session.  I do this by sensitively listening to you and by posing thoughtful questions.

The number of sessions that you will require will depend on your goals at the outset of treatment as well as the degree of resolution and personal information that you gain.  As is often the case, one issue may be rooted in and find its way to another.  Each session will bring you valuable information on its own but it is typical that 3 to 5 sessions will bring about a sense of closure and integration surrounding a particular issue.