Manual Lymph Drainage

I incorporate this therapy on an “as needed” basis to supplement your care.  For example, Lymph Drainage is very helpful in easing head and chest congestion, reducing swelling following dental work and after trauma of any kind including surgery.  It is also effective in improving oxygenation and circulation to the skin including swelling under the eyes, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite.

Manual Lymph Drainage assists the body in its natural process to drain and circulate areas of fluid stagnation.  The blood in our cardiovascular system moves in response to the pumping action of our heart.  In contrast the body-wide network of lymph fluid is propelled slowly and steadily by the muscular action of the lymph vessels (nodes) themselves.  Waste products from activity in our cells is collected by the lymph system and returned to the heart.  From there it is redistributed, transformed and discharged from the body.  An awe inspiring design of the boy caring for itself!

When we experience illness or trauma one of our body’s first responses it to develop swelling also known as edema.  This fluid adaptation is one of our body’s normal defense systems.  The accumulated fluid can sometimes result in discomfort of pain.

Movement of lymph fluid activates not on the lymph system itself but also the circulation of blood, the immune system and autonomic nervous system (the regulatory nervous system in our bodies).  When I identify an area of blockage I support and encourage the nature wave-live motion of the lymph to move in its most natural direction.  This reduces areas of swelling and improves your comfort.

There are certain conditions when the lymph system itself can be overcome in its ability to effectively move fluid.  These are often due to more chronic and medically serious illnesses.  I refer patients who suffer from chronic lymphedema to practitioners who limit their practice and special only in this type of care.  To learn more about Manual Lymph Drainage please visit