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After two sessions with Asha I would estimate that an additional 20% of my hearing returned.
~ Christopher

I saw Asha…after a brain injury….she helped to reduce and alleviate headaches, reduce nausea as well as almost cure my car sickness.
~ A.E.

The Brain & Nervous System

I include this therapy because it has an immediate effect to down-regulate and relax a heightened nervous system. Our central (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral (body) nervous systems function is to regulate and communicate.  Signals are constantly being relayed and transmitted via reciprocal feedback loops; this maintains balance throughout our system.  The primary goal of this therapy is to optimize regulation and communication.  Beginning here has the potential to set the tone for a more effective treatment!

The energy flowing throughout the nervous system is palpable, similar to the sensation of the Qi energy in the acupuncture meridians.  My goal is to reintroduce symmetry and structural reintegration which enables your nervous system to re-establish healthier communication pathways.

When I feel that it will enhance your treatment, I draw your attention to what we are working with and ask you what you are noticing. Your attention and active participation have the potential to foster more rapid healing.

Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, the developer of the Brain and Nervous System curriculum, is foremost a compassionate clinician as well as a dedicated research neuroscientist. He refers to this therapy as “Liquid Osteopathy.”  It is his experience that patients’ symptoms dissipate more quickly using the techniques that he has developed.  He believes that precise knowledge of neuro-anatomy and physiology must be accompanied by the practitioner’s intent to treat from the heart.  Our brain and its’ pathways are the vital interface between structure and function.  For more detailed information about the development of Dr. Chikly’ s work please visit www.chiklyhealthinstitute.org