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The care in which she has always handled me was something I definitely wanted my daughter to experience in her transition to the outside world.
~ Amanda W.

After a few treatments from Asha, breastfeeding became much easier.
~ Sarah W.

Infants and Children

We typically think of the process of labor in reference to the birthing mother.  Yet it is the baby who also actively participates and navigates from inside the uterus through the birth canal out into the waiting world.  It is truly a team effort between mother and baby!
Ideally, CranioSacral Therapy begins for you and your baby during pregnancy.  In this way you and baby become accustomed to my voice and my touch.  Baby is often very responsive and active during treatment sessions. 

The exchange of baby and maternal hormones signal each other to trigger the onset of labor.  As baby descends, the cranial (head bones) temporarily move over each other in order to fit through the mother’s birth canal.  Labor and birth can be considered the baby’s first CranioSacral treatment!

Tissue tensions may develop in baby due to unusual positions in utero that may also contribute to a more difficult birth passage.  Labor and birth are demanding for baby especially if forceps or vacuum suction techniques are used during a vaginal delivery.  In addition  babies born by Cesarean Section also benefit from CranioSacral Therapy as they do not experience sufficient uterine contractions, the “hugs of the uterus”, which help to jump start nature’s processes within baby.

Baby’s neck is the most flexible and vulnerable place between the head and body.  Nerves exiting from the brain via the neck also experience twists and turns during the birthing process.  Nature’s plan is for these bones, tissues and nerves to restore their natural relationships once baby is born. 

Occasionally during the normal process of birth, baby’s head, neck, shoulder or arm undergo unusual tensions or pressures that can lead to symptoms in the central nervous system, cranial bones, membranes or peripheral nerves leading to other parts of the body.

Here are some things to consider and to look for in helping you decide if your infant or child can benefit from CranioSacral Therapy:
  • Prolonged, perhaps difficult labor
  • Persistent molding of head, bumps, ridges or flat spots
  • Excessive crying, even inconsolable at times
  • Persistent curved posture (like the letter “C”) when lying on the back
  • Persistent arching of the back
  • One eye appears larger than the other
  • A smile that does not appear equal on both sides
  • Unable to turn head comfortably to both sides
  • Prefers to turn head in one direction and resists the other
  • Difficulty with latching or sucking on the breast or bottle
  • Colic (frequent spitting up) after eating or between feedings
  • Frequently pulling at  ears, face or head
  • Frequently trying to put the whole hand in the mouth

These are just some of the things that cause concern for me as your baby’s caregiver.  I encourage all new babies to come in for a newborn evaluation as soon as possible after birth.  If I have cared for you during your pregnancy, baby’s first evaluation is complimentary!

During baby’s first visit, if I have not supported you as your birth doula, I listen to your pregnancy and birth history while at the same time evaluating your little one with gentle manual maneuvers. The cardinal rules for me when treating children are respect, trust, safety and allowing the right amount of space for baby’s tissues to choose to return their most natural relationship with each other.

Treatment sessions are short usually lasting 30-45 minutes.  Baby responds very quickly and clearly signals when enough work has been done.  It is also common to treat baby while feeding in order to assess the effectiveness of the sucking reflex which functions naturally to remold the cranial bones.

Although treatments are brief and what I do with baby appears to be very subtle, baby is working hard while we are together.  Typically following a treatment session you can expect baby to sleep more peacefully, comfortably and for longer periods.  You may even need to awaken baby to feed!

The same may be said for older children when receiving CranioSacral Therapy.  They signal when they are “done” and show fewer symptoms in the days and weeks between treatments.