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I came to Asha with neither blind faith nor cynicism, just a willingness to try healing techniques that were entirely new to me.  Her Acupuncture, Nervous System, Visceral and CranioSacral therapies have helped me tremendously. I had damaged an ear to the point of near total deafness.  Prior to meeting Asha two weeks of steroid therapy helped to retrieve about 30% of my hearing and the progress stopped for several weeks.  After two sessions with Asha I would estimate that an additional 20% of my hearing returned and she had eliminated all pain associated with the injury.  As of this writing our therapy continues and I don’t know how much additional recovery is possible – we will see.  However, I am extremely grateful to Asha for how much she’s already helped me.   ~  Christopher

Way more than acupuncture!  It’s been years since I have felt this good!   ~  Karen

“I initially saw Asha because I knew she had training in allopathic medicine as a well as acupuncture. I had quite a bit of familiarity, as a patient, with both disciplines and thought I had a good idea about what to expect. However, Asha has almost always exceeded my expectations, including getting postural changes that I normally receive only after seeing a chiropractor (she didn’t know about this result until now!). I have not been able to explain why all of this occurs, which means her combination of training has been especially effective for me. I have recommended her to my friends without hesitation.  ~  Spencer

My connection with Asha is comfortable.  She is easy to talk to; no hang ups.  The office is peaceful.  I like the idea that she is a nurse and can speak about other kinds of medicine.  Most important, I get the results that I am after! ~  Curtis

The decision to choose Asha as my doula was an easy one.  I have been seeing her for years for a plethora of issues that doctors had all but given up on with me.  Her knowledge and expertise in Eastern and Western medicine is definitely a plus.  Even more than that though is her gift to know what to do by listening to me and my body.  What made me ask her to be my doula was made on more an emotional level.  The care in which she has always handled ME was something I definitely wanted my daughter to experience in her transition to the outside world!  As usual the birth didn’t go as planned yet Asha was there to help encourage me, comfort me and keep my head in a good place.  Thank you Asha!   ~  Amanda W.

I am very stiff after suffering a stroke many years ago.  My mind doesn’t understand what she does but my body feels so much better!  I have more flexibility and mobility after seeing Asha.  ~  Joanne

I have been seeing Asha for three years; she has helped with a variety of issues including a brain injury which put me out of commission for an extended period of time. I started seeing Asha four months after the injury; the main symptoms that she was helping me with were headaches, nausea and intense car/motion sickness. She tried many different approaches depending on what my main complaints were at the time of each session. I believe the Acupuncture and CranioSacral treatments had the most impact for me. She followed up after each appointment to see how I was feeling and to ensure that she made an impact on my recovery. Asha is a wonderful resource; her RN credential together with the East Asian Medicine schooling is a great mix as it bring the old and new together. I would and have recommended Asha to anyone, especially if you are looking for non-prescription, long term healing.  ~ A.E.

Asha’s extensive training, knowledge and experience are impressive.  She listens carefully, clearly addresses questions and concerns and immediately puts you at ease. Her treatments are varied and she explains what is being done and how it affects the body – which educates as well as heals.  Asha’s deep care and concern for her clients is obvious.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking excellent and individualized healthcare.  ~  Diane B.

I have been seeing Asha for over a year now and am very happy with my treatments.  Her knowledge of Asian medicine combine with her years of nursing makes her an extremely well rounded practitioner.  This work is her passion and she is constantly trying to expand her knowledge to help with treatments... When I call or e-mail needing an appointment or question answered she responds extremely promptly unlike most places.  My overall experience with Asha has been great and I would highly recommend her to anyone, you can tell she really cares about what she does and that is hard to find.   ~  Mickey C.

Minimal impact and huge results.  My heartburn has almost completely gone away.  ~  Clay

My newborn daughter Brooklyn began seeing Asha almost immediately after birth.  We endured an extremely long labor and she had a lot of challenges latching on to the breast and sucking in general.  After number trips to her pediatrician, lactation consultants, La Leche League and finally Children’s Hospital we went to Asha as recommended by an RN at Swedish Medical Center.  In the beginning my husband and I had to use a syringe and finger to feed Brooklyn.  After just a few treatments from Asha feeding became much easier.  Then my daughter began experiencing extreme colic (all day and night) and Asha was my only hope.  After several more treatments Brooklyn became much more calm and content and we began to establish a bond that didn’t just consist of her Dad and me trying to console her.  Now my little darling is sleeping through the night, is rarely fussy and is a curious and conscious little girl.  Thank you Asha for helping us in this process ~ I know that it would not have been possible without you!   ~  Sarah W.

I appreciate that Asha uses diverse and multi-faceted approaches.  She explains what she is doing and why at every step.  I notice myself relaxing and opening up.  After one treatment, I found I had some realizations that help me to understand, integrate and resolve some ongoing issues in my health.   ~   J.P.

I have found Asha very professional in scheduling and following up after each session.  I have appreciated her thoroughness in explaining the procedure she is using and that procedure impacts my body.  It has been particularly helpful for me to Asha’s intimate knowledge of the complex interconnected working of my internal systems to work for more synergy on m physical and spiritual body.  Asha has used a combination of Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy to enhance my experience of healing.  ~  Carolyn

Truly an amazing practitioner, Asha has helped me find the “even keel” I have been looking for. With her assistance I am learning a new form of growth and self-understanding that far exceeds my previous expectations. Thanks!  ~  P.

I recently became Asha Novak’s patient and have a few salient thoughts from a male perspective about her acupuncture treatment:
  • Based on my previous experience with acupuncture, I was able to get better relief being treated by Asha from my chronic pain within fewer, shorter sessions.
  • I had a breakthrough in my hearing with a noticeable reduction in my tinnitus.
  • I am a full-time adult student.  Asha has been excellent in being available at times that accommodate my scheduling foibles.
  • Asha is very attentive to the big picture regarding my healthcare concerns, drawing attention to causal factors, lifestyle issues and coordination with other medical treatments.

I recommend for the men that are reading these statements to take in not only the benefits of her treatment but also the wider range of her medical acumen.  In short, I suggest that most any person should find great benefit in availing themselves to Asha’s therapeutic skills and to take the time to listen to her analysis as well.  ~  Kim Gilbert O.

Asha’s gentle spirit and calm demeanor coupled with her dedication toward my overall well-being is so refreshing.  I tell all my friends!   ~  Ann

During a stressful time of significant health concern I reached out to Asha through a friend’s recommendation.  I was able to get in to see her within just a few days.  Asha’s care extends far beyond her treatment table as she also communicated with me via e-mail, phone and text to answer my questions, follow up on treatments to see how I was doing and just “check in” to see how things were going.  I have never experienced such extensive and thorough follow up with any type of doctor and to this day I am overwhelmed with gratitude for her doing so.  Truly above and beyond, Asha was present during my surgical procedure to have a large fibroid tumor removed from my uterus – knowing Asha was in the operating room was a true comfort and a great blessing to me.  I truly believe Asha is guiding me on a healing path (physically, mentally and emotionally) and my outcome would not be the same without her thoughtful expertise.  ~  Fern

I am a semi-professional athlete.  After seeing Asha for my injuries I felt better and healed faster than ever before with any other physical therapy or remedy.  The atmosphere at Black Mountain Healing is one of comfort and professionalism and I always leave feeling centered; my body on the road to recovery.  After my first visit I realized the benefits of acupuncture and will never look back.  Asha has changed my entire outlook on Eastern Medicine by bringing full body healing I have never experienced before.   ~  Kyton

I live with lupus, a disease with a sometime bewildering array of symptoms.  I was impressed from the start by Asha’s intuition and empathy as well as by her listening skills.  Her treatments are always target to my needs; physical, emotional and energetic-in the moment.  She is a remarkably skilled and care healthcare professional.  ~  Robin S.

Our family, my wife two children and myself, have all been patients for several years now.  We were originally drawn to her practice by what we read on her website and we have stayed because we have been very impressed by her level of care, her caring, her knowledge and her ever-expanding box of healing tools.  We also like the fact that she has an impressive background as a nurse so she understands both conventional and “complementary” medicine.  Rather than just place the needles and leave the room, Asha continues treating us with a variety of manual therapies and often continues to add needles to improve the treatment.  I suffer from migraines, back and neck pains.  At times Asha’s treatments have gotten me walking and functional so I could get back to work more quickly.  She has also effectively treated my hemorrhoids so as to make surgery unnecessary.  Asha was present in the operating room for the C-Section birth of my youngest daughter and treated both my wife and the baby right afterward.  If you are looking for a practitioner who really knows her stuff, then Asha is the person to see.  You won’t be disappointed with the results!  ~  Steve

I felt relaxed after our first consultation.  Asha has uplifting energy.  She is professional and efficient.  Her office is clean and well organized.  I feel very comfortable begin treated by her because of her extensive background in healthcare.  I can trust; she knows what she is doing.   ~  Kotomi D.

My first impression of your work was that you were very attentive, careful, present and sensitive.  You have a way about you that generates trust.  I felt comfortable going deeply into myself because I knew implicitly that I could show u authentically and that it was without judgment that you held that space for me of becoming.  ~ Michael S.

My experience with Black Mountain Healing has been very positive.  Asha is extremely knowledgeable and perceptive; I feel confident in her ability to diagnose and address my healing needs.  She is responsive to individual difference, doing acupuncture “my” way.   ~  Marjorie