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Asha’s extensive training, knowledge and experience are impressive.  She listens carefully, clearly addresses questions and concerns and immediately puts you at ease.
~ Diane B.

Black Mountain Center for Healing

While studying in China I envisioned a place for healing, of quiet reflection, meditation and communing with others.  It seemed to be a perfect match for the wonderful property that my husband and I have which is located on Black Mountain Road at the foot of Black Mountain in Maple Falls Washington.

A Chinese colleague helped me to further develop these concepts by expressing them on a traditional logo stamp with ancient Chinese characters.  This red stamp scattered throughout my website is an outward expression of my inner vision that represent my values as well as the style of my clinical practice.

As my practice grew and developed it situated itself in Edmonds Washington.  I have kept the Black Mountain title as it represents my beliefs and core values about healing.  Black Mountain remains a spacious place in nature, always available for family and friends to share its beauty and offer abundant opportunities for relaxation and respite.