Specializing In

Her gift…to know what to do by listening to me and my body.
~ Amanda W.

This work is her passion and she is constantly trying to expand her knowledge to help with treatments.
~ Mickey C.

My Philosopy of Care

One of my primary goals is to be a resource to you by promoting your participation and accountability in your own health.  I continually emphasize the fluid interconnectedness of your body: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I engage all of my knowledge, skills and talents to awaken your body’s inner wisdom with the intention of restoring and maintaining a balanced state of health that is harmonious with your highest good.

There are many doorways to healing. All forms of medicine are on a continuum of art and science.  I have chosen to practice forms of medicine that minimize side-effects while providing bridges to wellness. I believe in the concept of integrative medical care and feel confident in recognizing when it is important to involve another discipline in your care.

As a partner in optimizing and maintaining your health I am aware of the importance of the patient-practitioner relationship on the outcome of care.  The effects of the unseen and often unspoken aspects of care can be some of the most powerful and healing ones.

I am fascinated with the wisdom of the human body.  My holistic perspective as well as the integrative way that I think and practice leads me more quickly and effectively to the root cause of your symptoms.  I consider the treatment room to be a sacred place dedicated to your healing. I have intentionally designed my office to be a safe and healing atmosphere for you.