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Asha is very attentive to the big picture regarding my health care concerns, drawing attention to causal factors, lifestyle issues and coordination with other medical treatments.
~ K. Gilbert O.

I have never experienced such extensive and thorough follow up with any type of healthcare provider and to this day I am overwhelmed with gratitude…
~ Fern


I have practiced as a Registered Nurse since 1976. My education and experience also include:  an undergraduate degree in foreign languages, a Master’s Degree in East Asian Medicine, including national certification in East Asian botanical medicine, a certificate in Acute Care Homeopathy and Washington State licensure in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I transitioned my nursing career from hospital-based care in the 1970’s to home-health care in the 1980’s and into to clinical research in the 1990’s. I became increasingly aware of how satisfying it was to have an on-going care relationship with patients.  I also knew at a very deep personal level that I had talents as yet undiscovered. This growing awareness provided me with the impetus to recreate myself as a complementary health care provider building on my 37 years in health care.  

I am an intensely curious person and passionate about making sure that you consistently move toward a better and more informed state of health. I am continually involved in post-graduate education which nourishes me, deepens my skills and ultimately benefits you – my patients!

My interest in working with patients spans the entire life cycle.  I have chosen to be present with people as they enter the world as well as when they transition from it.  These two times in a person’s life seem to share a wall.  I do this by assisting pregnant mothers and families as a Peri-Natal Doula and also by volunteering my services to those in hospice care.
My clinical practice has been profoundly influenced by the holistic principles and traditions of Osteopathic as well as East Asian Medicine.  There is synergy (a greater effect when the two are combined) and similarity between the “old” and the “new” that offers a broader scope of therapeutic possibilities for my patients.

My background and experience have helped me to develop a seasoned and balanced viewpoint that I bring to the treatment room. I encourage your body’s healing potential with my hands and my heart.  I actively foster your awareness that your body holds the answers to your healing and health.