CranioSacral Therapy

The CranioSacral System consists of the fluid, soft tissues, membranes and bones surrounding our brain and spinal cord.  This is considered our central nervous system and is continually bathed by about a cup of cerebrospinal fluid.  This system also exchanges communication between our brain and our body which is called the peripheral (away from the center) nervous system.  The CranioSacral rhythm like our heartbeat and our breath is witness to our health.

Our bodies continually seek the most natural ways to sustain in fluid movement.  Our tissues store memories which reflect our body’s experiences.  These tissue memories are created by physical, emotional or psychological traumas which have the potential to create a disturbance in the CranioSacral rhythm.  The body in its wisdom walls off an area of disturbance in order to maintain the functional integrity of the whole.  Sometimes, if left untreated, a disturbance can lead to a disruption in the surrounding or even distant tissues.

Imagine tossing a stone into a pond following the ripples flowing out from the spot where it enters the water.  That place of entry is the epicenter.  Something like this happens in our bodies; trauma enters and a ripple is created in the whole.  During treatment I locate this epicenter and with gentle pressure and focus I guide the restricted tissue(s) to release.  This initiates a cascade of release from the epicenter on into the tissues.

The intention and effectiveness of this therapy is through localized touch with has global far reaching effects corrective effects throughout your body.  With the facilitation of the treatment, the tension in your tissues is now able to begin the process of its own self-correction.  You experience a deep restorative sense of relaxation and release that continues beyond the treatment room.